What is Turn?

Posted by Martin Kuppe on Friday Jul 31, 2009 Under Uncategorized
If you follow this blog, you have certaily wondered “What kind of game is Turn”? Today I will answer this question.

Turn is actually kind of Jump’n’Run, but without the “Jump” part and with the possibility to turn the rooms by 90° to the left or the right such that the hero, crates and anything else falls towards… Well, I’ll rather make you a sketch on a paper napkin:


See,I guess that’s simpler than any text explanation.

Turn is thus a puzzle game, based on the principle “turn rooms” – simple game principle but which opens lots of possibilities for level design. Note that some very good games are based on the formula “Simple base principle + rich level design”, for example Portal, World of Goo or Braid.

Now you konw what is “Turn” – and where this name comes from.

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One Response to “What is Turn?”
Alexandre Franke Says:
August 1st, 2009 at %I:%M %p
Wouaaaah, il faudra que tu montres comment tu fais des animations sur serviette !